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请看《中国日报》相关报道:Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian’s son-in-law was indicted Monday on charges of insider trading. Prosecutors are seeking an eight-year jail term for Chao Chien-ming, a doctor at the prestigious Taiwan University Hospital, local television stations said.

报道中的“insider trading” smart forex trade 就是让扁婿栽跟头的”“内线交易”。Insider常用来指“了解内幕的人”,源于形容词“inside”(内线的,潜伏作奸细的),如:inside facts/story(内幕,内情);inside man(内线)。

另外,词组on the inside 可用来指“知情”或“核心成员”,如:
I’m not that much on the inside.(我并不深知内情。)
He gave his men the feeling of being really and truly on the inside.(他让手下人感到他们确实是心腹。)

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