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Building Forex Expert Advisors For the First Time

Building Forex Expert Advisors For the First Time

There are several tools available in the market to help you build your first Expert Advisor. However, be warned that you should be extremely careful when using these tools.

No matter how much knowledge you have in the forex market, creating an trading program is a completely different ballgame.

Note: We do not endorse any of these products. They are provided to give you an idea of what is out there. It is up to you to do your own research and find out what might work best for you.

EATree is a Windows-based application that you can run on locally on your PC. It has an excellent graphical user interface that makes it easy for you to identify forex signals and create complex MT4 and MT5 Advisors.

You don’t need any programming knowledge to use this program. You can choose between EATree MT4 Standard Edition (for MQL4) and EATree MT5 Standard Edition (for MQL5).

In this strategy builder, trading blocks are connected to create trading signals for Expert Advisors. You can customize the boxes and connect more than one box to create a tree. The color system in EATree makes it easy for you to understand the process.

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