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FX Technical Guide — September 16

Yesterday’s analysis shows the trend lines are set to rely on short stop to look for opportunities in Europe and America, and gives the operating space and 1.1330 profit target of 1.1250. Forex trading broker company said: Europe and yesterday’s high of 1.1328 after the second test failed to break sharply lower start and hit an intraday low of 1.1258. According to the analysis the customer gains more than 70 short points profit margins.

Outlook analysis, after falling in Europe and America on schedule to find support at 1.1250 area. Although the day is down the first step, taking into account the FOMC rate hike is expected to affect the foreign exchange market uncertainty, the proposed transaction will be two days are short-term oriented. Based on this analysis, the proposed transaction is still looking for short opportunities today near 1.1330, backed by the trend line a stop. Reference target 1.1235-1.1170 area.

Pound out of the United States fell sharply yesterday as scheduled. Yesterday’s review, the guidelines given trading strategy is to hold webinar instant group call single empty one, short-term target 1.54. Thereafter no position trader not given above 1.5440 short, stop above 1.5470, target 1.5340 above call list. Pound United States in the European session yesterday, fell 1.54 integer walking off a sharp rebound after a record high of 1.5456, after the US force to close out the matching period lows 1.5341, yesterday’s low positions in accordance with a single call once again short of customers around the high profit margins of more days more than 150 points!

Outlook analysis, the United States makes the pound fell sharply on line long Yinxian included. Previously many occasions have introduced long Yinxian bearish signal, short days still gives low altitude without much advice. 4 hours chart Pound US Powei signs of a slight, but it is not sufficient to let us now approach chasing empty. So today altitude reference point 1.5400 integer off or cautious traders reference near 1.5435, below the target price of 1.5350 cautious, aggressive target price of 1.5310.
Analysis of the Australian dollar bulls remind customers just leave yesterday, pocket for security, and in the morning daily chart downtrend line prompt customers to empty one attempt, according to target 0.7090, and ultimately out of Australia and the United States yesterday, bald candle, fell sharply to 0.7085 after rebounded sharply, in accordance with the guidelines 75 points short of customer profitability. Australia rebounded sharply yesterday after the US blocked at 0.7150, the position also had repeatedly stressed the key resistance level. Technical indicators, 4-hour chart MACD speed line high Sicha, kinetic column by the multi-turn empty, Australian and US are bearish trend in the short term.

Outlook analysis, Australian and US still blocked daily level downward trend line in, so tentative and maintain effective Bearish Australian and US today. Combined with technical indicators signal mentioned yesterday, we try to go short in 0.7150 customers can choose to continue to hold the United States and Australia to see fall days, the goal naturally is the key overhead resistance at 0.7060 before. Hands ready, relying on trendlines opportunity to do more trend line is a real presence after the break.
Spot gold yesterday did not go as scheduled rally, but also did not hit stop, overall remain volatile, short-term profits can not be greedy. Less than 7 dollars volatility on the daily chart for gold is too small. Although 1100 has won the support above the gold price failed to rise by kinetic energy. With the approaching FOMC, we give advice today is played as Ping An Insurance and gold trading temporarily. Technically, gold four hours concern over the downtrend line in FIG.

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